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Flappy Jam launches in support of Flappy Bird dev, Fall Out Boy joins the party


Flappy Bird may have flown the coop, but indie developers are banding together in support of the dangerously addictive app with Flappy Jam, an open-invitation challenge to design difficult, avian-themed games in the vein of Flappy Bird.

One popular entry emerging from the event is Terry Cavanagh's Maverick Bird, a refined take on Flappy Bird's formula featuring aesthetic elements similar to Cavanagh's Super Hexagon. Developer Adam Saltsman joins the friendly competition with Flappybalt, a reworked version of his genre-defining endless runner Canabalt.

An unlikely (and perhaps unwitting) entry comes from pop punk band Fall Out Boy, which plans to release its own version of Flappy Bird for Android and iOS devices later this week, according to BBC News. "Rome wasn't built in a day, but this game was," the band posted on its official website. "We bring you Fall Out Bird. [C]oming this week to Google Play and the App Store (as soon it's approved)."

"Shoutout to the OG Flappy Bird," the band adds. "RIP."

[Image: Terry Cavanagh]

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