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Radiohead release free experimental iOS app called PolyFauna


Radiohead has released a free, universal app for iOS, and no it's not called Ok Cell Phone. The app is an interactive experimental art project called PolyFauna, born out of the sessions from the band's latest record, King of Limbs. Using imagery and audio inspired by the song "Bloom," the app is more of a meditative experience than a game. Vocalist Thom Yorke wrote the following on the band's blog:

We have made an app called PolyFauna.

PolyFauna is an experimental collaboration between us (Radiohead) & Universal Everything, born out of The King of Limbs sessions and using the imagery and the sounds from the song Bloom.

It comes from an interest in early computer life-experiments and the imagined creatures of our subconscious.

Your screen is the window into an evolving world.
Move around to look around.
You can follow the red dot.
You can wear headphones.

The app's iTunes description credits Radiohead, Nigel Godrich, Stanley Donwood and Universal Everything with contributing to the creative process. You can download PolyFauna for free here.

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