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TradeChat takes on the history of WoW


Taking on the entire history of a game like World of Warcraft, from its announcement back in 2001 all the way up to today is a huge task, but TradeChat is up to it. She has created an epic 16 minute video taking on all the famous landmarks on the way, starting with that Leeroy Jenkins incident, the MOAR DOTS video, WoW's appearance on South Park, and the Corrupted Blood incident that's been used as a model for disease spread in countless studies. There's even an appearance in a question on Jeopardy! featuring Jenkins himself!

Panser has done an amazing job here, hitting the pop culture references, the first parodies, the subscription rise and fall, the releases and trailers of all the expansions and major patches. Adverts, both by other companies such as Moutain Dew and Toyota and those for World of Warcraft itself. She has Mila Kunis' famous interview with Jimmy Kimmel, talking about raiding,and countless other tidbits you might not have known before! What I love is how she's taken the announcement videos from all the expansions, and actually shows us all the things she's talking about instead of just marking time.

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