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Blade Kitten to get long-lost Episode 2 DLC on Steam [update]


Years after its initial release, Krome Studios' episodic side-scrolling platformer Blade Kitten could soon see a resolution to its cliffhanger ending via a DLC expansion, according to an announcement posted this week on the game's Facebook page.

Blade Kitten's developers recently reclaimed all of its assets from publisher Atari, clearing a forthcoming launch for the game's completed but unreleased Episode 2 DLC. "It's already on Steam, we just need them to transfer the app ID to us so we can add the episode 2 DLC," reads a Facebook comment from the official Blade Kitten account. "It's a little bit complicated but not a huge hurdle."

Blade Kitten's developers also plan to pursue a DLC release for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 versions of the game, pending the expansion's successful launch on Steam. A release date for Blade Kitten's Episode 2 DLC has not been announced.

Update: Krome co-founder Steve Stamatiadis tells Joystiq he'd like for his studio to take control over the Blade Kitten app released across various marketplaces, so it could release the five levels contained within Episode 2 as DLC.

"That way people wouldn't need to buy the game again and play through it all to get to finally finish the story," Stamatiadis said. "That side of things is pretty much going to come down to Microsoft, Sony, and Valve and their storefronts."

If that's feasible, Stamatiadis expects the Episode 2 DLC to be priced around $5. If not, he says Krome has to set up a new app altogether containing both episodes as a single game.

"To be totally honest a lot of this is still up in the air," Stamatiadis added. "We really weren't expecting to get rights back until later in the year. Atari were actually super nice about getting stuff back to us as they sorted out their issues."

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