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Joystiq Streams: How we roll as Rollers of the Realm [Relive the stream!]

Rollers of the Realm from Phantom Compass is a late-'70s geek's dream come true. Mixing the best of rock operas by The Who and Gary Gygax's ideal Friday night in, Rollers of the Realm is a pinball RPG. That's right. Pinball is the Laverne to swords & sorcery's Shirley in this Indiecade nominee. How can Joystiq Streams resist?

It can't. That's why Richard Mitchell is going to stream an early version of the game alongside Phantom Compass' very own Tony Walsh and David Evan, the respective producer and creative director of Rollers of the Realm. As usual, Joystiq will be hanging in the chat feeding your questions directly to the developers.

Tune in to Joystiq's Twitch channel at 4PM EST today to check out the action!
[Image: Phantom Compass]

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