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Breakfast Topic: Do you have guild lore?


My guild's unofficial motto is "definitely not an RP guild, nope," with the members' tongues firmly in their collective cheeks. While it's true that we're not really an RP guild, we feature an abundance of avid fanfiction writers, artists who draw their characters, and many of us work to provide an in-game or in-character reason why we joined the guild in the first place--it's "officially" a guild of cartographers, as our guild master periodically reminds us.

In real-life reality, of course, we raid on Fridays, made bad puns in guild chat, work on achievements, run dungeons, and kill lots of things on the Timeless Isle (fondly nicknamed "Murder Island") just like anyone else playing the game. But I do admit that the in-character, RP-like setting of "cartography guild dedicated to exploring and mapping the world" gives a flavor to logging in that I've come to cherish. What about you folks? Do you run an actual RP guild or has your guild evolved its own in-game personality over the years? Or not? Do you make goofy guild-themed Spotify playlists like we do? Please say yes, I don't want to feel alone.

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