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Nintendo Direct news roundup: Yoshi 3DS XL in UK, new Ace Attorney


During its UK Nintendo Direct presentation yesterday, Nintendo revealed a Yoshi 3DS XL system – just the hardware, no Yoshi game included – heading to Europe on March 14, Tiny Cartridge points out.

Earlier this month, we caught wind of a Yoshi's New Island 3DS XL bundle rumored to launch on March 14, but a hardware-software collection hasn't been announced just yet. There's no word on a North American launch for the Yoshi system.

Ace Attorney creator Shu Takumi confirmed that he is working on a new entry in the series that will shift those games in a new direction. Japan gets a Monster Hunter 4 3DS XL on March 27, this one based on the dual-horned, hairy beast Rajang. That system was announced during Nintendo's Japanese stream of Nintendo Direct.

This whole "three streams for three different regions all at the same time" process is making it tough to keep track of everything, at least if you're a disembodied, global internet person-simulation like us.
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