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Game Director Tom Chilton's notes on The Burning Crusade


The lead developers have been having fun this week, photographing their old notes and posting them on Twitter. We've seen Creative Director Alex Afrasiabi's design for Benediction/Anathema, Lead Content Designer Cory Stockton's notes on the Death Knight, and Senior Game designer Jonathan LeCraft's notes on Burning Crusade class design. The latest to join the fray is Game Director Tom Chilton, who posted the above notes on The Burning Crusade. Tom's writing isn't the easiest to read, but there's some interesting stuff in there, not least the things that never made it to the game.
  • linked auction houses
  • x-server bgs
  • vehicles + destroyable buildings
  • socketed items
  • jewelcrafting
  • hero system
  • dungeon difficulty levels
  • titles
  • multi-destination flight paths
  • un-learned flight paths
  • spell systems hook to water
  • gladiatorial combat
  • dynamic music
  • guild battles
  • multi-role npc polish.
    • If 1 option auto-select
  • lfg tool
  • leadership sqrt x
  • sidekicking
  • group quests
  • D2 gambling
  • PvP and PvE bounties
  • auction contracts
  • server quests
  • expanded tradeskill customization

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