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League of Legends to receive new champion and game mode

S. Prell, @SamPrell

League of Legends will be getting a new champion and game mode, developer Riot Games has announced. The new game mode, Hexakill, adds another player to each team, turning the game's typical 5v5 match into a 6v6 affair. Hexakill is part of Riot's featured gameplay modes, where players can experience experimental twists on the usual LoL formula. This also means, however, that Hexakill will only be available to play for a limited time, from February 20 to March 2.

Meanwhile, if League of Legends' next champion were in your yearbook, he'd be the kid that was always a little too into the dissection labs in Biology class. Vel'Koz, Eye of The Void, is a tentacled horror that comes to the Fields of Justice from a dimension known as The Void, where it exists as a living font of knowledge and learning. Oh, and he's here to destroy you. So yeah, just like that kid.

Vel'Koz is a champion focused on ability power, meaning he deals high amounts of magic-based damage. His "Plasma Fission" ability is a bolt that damages and slows the first enemy hit, and will split at a 90-degree angle upon contact with an enemy. The split bolt, which also happens when the spell reaches its max range or is re-activated, deals the same damage and slow status affect. "Void Rift" is a straight line that explodes after a short delay, and "Tectonic Disruption" is an area-of-effect spell that launches those caught within it into the air. If Vel'Koz uses the ability close to himself, enemies are also knocked back.

Lastly, "Life Form Disintegration Ray" (note to Riot: are you sure this thing was created just for learning?) is a channeled ability that follows the cursor, damaging and slowing any enemies it comes into contact with. Each of Vel'Koz's abilities becomes more deadly when combined with his passive, Deconstruction. Deconstruction deals a surge of true damage (damage that counts as neither magic nor physical) when an enemy has been hit by abilities three times.

Riot has not given a release date for Vel'Koz, but we imagine his soon-to-be test subjects don't mind the wait. And not being disintegrated.

[Image: Riot Games]

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