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WRUP: Adopt a train edition

Eliot Lefebvre

You. Yes, you, reading this right now. Have you adopted a train? Are you going to go give your money to a train to make sure that it's taken care of? You selfish monster. There are trains across our great nation that aren't able to afford so much as a single roof-mounted machine gun and accounting calculator, but you're sitting and reading on your solid gold computer about them. You make me sick.

Adopt a train. Give the trains all of your money. We have no other hope against the car uprising, people.

What's that? Oh, yes, it's time for WRUP, in which there are no trains, just the Massively staffers talking about their plans for the weekend or something. You can say what you'll be up to over the weekend down in the comments, but I really hope your plans involve a whole lot of adopting a train. Bring it into your home and make it a nest.

Bree Royce, Editor-in-Chief
@nbrianna: A bit of Guild Wars 2; I've actually been crafting and foolishly wasting all my mats to skill up rather than sell them and be rich rich rich. But the crafting, see. And also more Skyrim for me!

Eliot Lefebvre, Senior Contributing Editor
@Eliot_Lefebvre: There's stuff to be done in Final Fantasy XIV, naturally. I also have other Square-esque things to do; still want to get back to my Final Fantasy III playthrough, I've been playing Bravely Default, and at some point I should try out the Lightning Returns demo. (Probably before I finish going back through the whole series.) I might find time to fit in some stuff that's unrelated to Square-Enix, but I wouldn't place money on that.

Justin Olivetti, Senior Contributing Editor
@Sypster: While I want to be just doing all of the side missions in The Secret World's Blue Mountain, the new Flappy raid fight is taking priority for its sweet loot. I would really like to save up and buy the full soldier outfit set, so that's what I'll be doing every three hours, give or take. I should also put in some time with my Lore-master in Lord of the Rings Online to see if I can get through Lothlorien and into Mirkwood, where she may smite many a pretend Elf in happiness.

Matthew Gollschewski, Columnist
@nonsensicles: I might actually take the weekend off from MMOs, mostly. I've got a friend visiting on Sunday, and I feel up to digging into some of my singleplayer library. I'm eyeing off Dragon Age: Origins in particular. It's about time I did more than make new characters and actually play beyond Ostagar. I think I'll have to make a new character for that, of course. Thinking an impudent Commoner Dwarf or hotheaded Dalish Elf.

Mike Foster, Contributing Editor
@MikedotFoster: My weekends are quickly filling up thanks to my pending move, but if I have a moment, I'll sneak in a few Dota 2 rounds and probably some more Dark Souls. I'm liking where my Guild Wars 2 story is going, but I doubt I'll have time this weekend to advance it further.

MJ Guthrie, Contributing Editor
@MJ_Guthrie: I'll be cramming in as many Flappy raids as I possibly can in The Secret World; if I make 50, the achievement will give me enough fragments and slivers for my pet! It will also be a weekend of EverQuest as I remake a less bright version of the Crayola Castle in EverQuest Next Landmark, try to get through the 20s on my EQ Froglok Shadowknight, and finish up my Tears of Veeshan armor set on my Fury in EverQuest II. And all that before heading to Broadway!

Patrick Mackey, Columnist
@mackeypb: League of Legends! That shouldn't be a new thing. I'm also playing Borderlands 2 with my roommate and Guns of Icarus with some friends too. GoI has been pretty fun thus far; it's really got a good feeling when you excel at whatever job you do in that game, and the cooperative elements make the game enjoyable even when you're with complete strangers.

Richie Procopio, Contributing Editor
@RichieProcopio: The big three for me are Guild Wars 2, WildStar, and Hearthstone. I'll be playing a mix of them this weekend and probably avoiding the snow outside by playing some Minecraft with the kiddies.

At the start of every weekend, we catch up with the Massively staff members and ask them, "What are you playing this week?" (Otherwise known as: WRUP!) Join us to see what we're up to in and out of game -- and catch us in the comments to let us know what you're playing, too!

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