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Dr. Eggman invades Sonic Dash in free update

The Deadly Six have been pestering Sonic since the release of Sonic: Lost World, but his old rivals haven't forgotten their hatred for the blue blur. Dr. Eggman serves as Sonic's latest opposition in Dr. Eggman Invasion, a new challenge for the mobile endless runner Sonic Dash. Thankfully, Eggman is ready to conveniently time attacks and place traps so that agile players can guide Sonic to victory.

In Sonic Dash's winding pathways, players eventually reach bumpers that propel them into the air. These serve as an opportunity to "bank" rings so that they can't be lost by running into an enemy or obstacle. Eggman appears during one of these aerial moments, and messing up his fancy flying chair will grant a nice boost to a player's score.

Sonic Dash is free to play, so as long as you're cool with advertisements and microtransaction popups, you can take on Eggman on iOS or Android devices.
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Dr. Eggman Invades Sonic DashTM

New Update Adds Sonic's Arch-Nemesis as the Latest Boss Battle

SAN FRANCISCO & LONDON, 14th February 2014 – The critically acclaimed endless runner, Sonic Dash, is under attack from an old enemy. Developed exclusively for mobile, Sonic Dash challenges players to score big by seeing how far they can run as Sonic the Hedgehog™, and now fans can also battle the ultimate boss.

Starting today, players can take part in the ongoing struggle between Sonic and his arch-rival Dr. Eggman. This devious boss battle will test gamers' reflexes as they dodge, dive and dash past an onslaught of explosives and deadly traps. Players that beat the boss will earn a massive score bonus to help them get a step ahead of their own personal nemesis: their friends' leaderboard positions.

Check out Dr. Eggman in action in these all-new screenshots.

The next Sonic Dash global challenge begins on February 21st and players will once again have to work together to unlock a brand new playable character who is sure to steal some hearts.

Sonic Dash is available for FREE and the Dr. Eggman Invasion begins today on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Google Play.

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