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Breakfast Topic: What will you miss from Pandaria?

Anne Stickney

The Horde Shrine and the Alliance Shrine are two oddly different places. While I'm used to the layout of the Horde Shrine, the Alliance is just different enough that I find myself getting lost every now and again. It's not quite a mirror image. But the Alliance Shrine has the advantage of Andrea Toyas, pictured above. She's a musician who will happily play you any of the many inn themes from Pandaria for just 2g.

I have wasted so much gold on Andrea.

But I totally love the different inn themes that were introduced this expansion. They're crazy, lively, peppy little numbers that instantly cheer me up the second I hear them. And I realized that after we leave Pandaria, we're going to leave the crazy inn music behind too, which makes me kind of sad. I'm sure Warlords will have some amazing music, but I highly doubt any of them are going to be remotely like what we've heard in Mists, and I'll miss those weird crazy little tunes. What are you going to miss when we leave Pandaria behind? Is there a bit of music you really like hearing? A place you enjoy hanging out? A particular NPC you look forward to seeing when you log in, for no real reason other than you like their name or what they do? When we leave Pandaria behind, what will you be sad to say goodbye to?

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