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    Daily App: Stackables allows you to enhance a photo in layers


    Stackables is a new image editing tool from Samer Azzam, the developer behind ProCam, that allows you to apply filters and other effects in layers. It's the layering and high quality filters that set Stackables apart from its competition.

    When you open Stackables, you are greeted with a launch screen that allows you to open an existing photo or take a new one for your canvas. Once you import a photo, you are brought to the editor, where you can add filters, shapes, blends, effects as well as adjust common settings like hue, contrast and more. The app ships with 23 presets for quick editing and you can create your own as well. The filters and effects are high-quality and enhance your photos with making them tawdry.

    It is the layering feature that makes all the difference in Stackables. You can add one effect or filter per layer, and there are settings that allow to change the intensity or size of the effect. The layers allow you to add effects incrementally in a way that is easy to modify. The layers can be easily turned off and moved to change the look of your photo.

    When you are done editing, you can export your creation to the camera roll or for further editing in antother app. You also can share the image on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or via email.

    Stackables is available for the iPhone and costs 99-cents. It requires iOS 7.

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