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Joystiq Tiny Streams: Catching big '90s air in Cool Boarders 2

Presidents Day, son! Today the Joystiq crew is dreaming of a winter break atop a mountain and enjoying the excess snow we seem to have on our hands. In fact, the heavy precipitation has gotten Mike Suszek, Joystiq's Contributing Editor, itching to hit the slopes.

The roughly rendered, low-polygon slopes of Cool Boarders 2. Cool Boarders was Sony's own snowboarding series back on the PS1 and, while the series didn't have the same wild magic as SSX, it was still something special. Behold Mike's shredding skills. If you're feeling inspired, you can download Cool Boarders 2 yourself on PS Vita, PlayStation 3 and PSP Go... because why not.

Joystiq Tiny Streams air every Monday and Friday at 4PM EST right here on Anyone who wants to enjoy more of Mike's streams can follow his Twitch channel. Full Joystiq Streams broadcast live on the Joystiq Twtich channel every Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM EST.
[Image: Moby Games/Daniel Hawks]

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