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Tales of Asteria announced for iOS, Android devices

Tales fans have Tales of Zestiria and Tales of Xilia 2 to look forward to, but those aren't likely to pull several Tales protagonists into one game. Tales of Asteria is, though! Bandai Namco has announced the mobile-oriented RPG with a spring release on iOS and Android devices planned for Japan. Visiting Asteria's promotional site shows some familiar faces - Lloyd, Milla, Yuri, Luke, Sophie and Cress are all accounted for.

Gematsu's report states that Asteria will feature voice acting and a "cross slide" battle system. Gematsu's translation adds that the story will involve "fragments of a star that [make] wishes come true." Unsurprisingly, Asteria's inhabitants seem eager to fight over magical, wish-granting star bits, which brings in the six protagonists to solve the problem.

Each hero is brandishing their own glowing object on the site's home page - we suppose stealing the star fragments for themselves could be a possible solution to the world of Asteria's conflict! Or ... you know, a great way for them to make a lot of new enemies.
[Image: Bandai Namco]

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