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Vita can't stand in for Wii U GamePad in PS4 Rayman Legends

S. Prell, @SamPrell

The PlayStation Vita will not work with the PS4 the same way that the Wii U works with its GamePad for the next-gen version of Rayman Legends, Ubisoft has confirmed. On Nintendo's system, one player can control the helper character Murfy using the GamePad, while another player controls Rayman or one of his friends on the TV. Use of the Vita, however GamePad-like it may be, will be limited to Remote Play.

Senior Game Designer Emile Morel broke the news when he answered a fan's question on the PlayStation Blog, saying, "you cannot control Murfy in touch mode on the PS Vita, because even in Remote Play mode you will continue to play the same version of the game when you use the PS4 joystick." Ubisoft will also not be offering a discount for those upgrading from the PS3 version, and the online challenge rankings for the PS3 and PS4 will be separate.

Rayman Legends comes to North American PS4 and Xbox One systems tomorrow, and EU region consoles on February 21.
[Image: Ubisoft]

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