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Does anyone even care about a "WoW killer" anymore?


There's been one constant in my six years of writing for WoW Insider -- everyone thinks something is going to kill WoW. Off the top of my head there's been Warhammer Online, Star Wars, Guildwars 2, Oblivion, Rift, Aion, Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy (again), The Secret World, and a bankrupt project by 38 Studios. Many of those have gone free to play, have been shuttered, or have a fraction of a fraction of the WoW playerbase enjoying them. Nothing has ever turned into a threat.

Enter stage right: WildStar and Elder Scrolls Online.

Can you hear me yawn?

There's a certain segment of the population that will always think the next thing is going to kill of WoW. And one day they'll be right -- after all something has to be The Next Big Thing. That's just a universal truth about time and existence, empires are created and empires fall. The World of Warcraft seems to have a longer shelf life than anyone thought, and with the uptick in subscriptions and (from personal experience) a significant uptick in interest, the death of WoW seems to have been put off, once again, for quite a long time.

I'm curious though, is this opinion shared? I look at all this "WoW killer" talk and just yawn. Even there, just typing it out made me yawn. Let's answer a poll so I can go get some coffee and not yawn about these latest shiny things:


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