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Alchaemy: Transforming Apple devices into one-of-a-kind originals


I had to smile yesterday as I was reading Mike Wehner's plea for a black MacBook Air, because I knew how easy that would be to accomplish. It would be just as easy as having a 24 carat gold iPad mini, a reflective red Mac Pro or a metallic green iPhone 5s. In case you think that all of these are impossible, they're not -- all it takes is a little Alchaemy.

Alchaemy is a company based in Sherman Oaks, California specializing in taking standard, run-of-the-mill Apple products and turning them into works of art. There are two processes: COLORZ, which coats the standard aluminum with the color of your choice, and SHYNE, which plates your device in chrome, black diamond (I think this might be what Mike would like...), or 24K gold.

You can send in an existing device to be transformed, or buy a new one. For MacBooks, you can change the color of the keyboard backlight, accent the laptop with a different trackpad coating, and even personalize the device with laser etching or glowing text.

Prices vary depending on exactly what you want done, but if you're interested in a truly one-of-a-kind Apple device, Alchaemy can enable the transformation. Here's a short video demonstrating how the company's online design tool works:

Some may call these customizations gaudy or tacky, others may see them as a true reflection of their personality. Whatever your feeling, it's good to know that if you want to stand out in the crowd, Alchaemy has your back.

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