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Free Battlefield 4 'shortcut kits' now available


Battlefield 4 is offering a pair of shortcut kits to all players over the next couple of weeks, with those who ponied up for Premium membership receiving an additional two kits. Between now and February 24, all players can download the hand gun kit; from February 25 until March 4, the shortcut kit for the grenades will be gratis.

Premium players will additionally receive the DMR kit through February 24 and the Shotgun kit through March 4. We've placed the details on how to unlock the kits for various platforms after the break. This is all part of this month's Battlefield apology tour.
[Image: EA]

Download instructions:

Console Owner

  • Go to the in-game Store.
  • Either click on the Shortcut Kit banner or proceed to view "All Items."
  • Find the Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
  • Premium users will also see a second Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
  • Download each item to be granted your Shortcut Kit(s).

PC Owner

  • Login to Battlelog.
  • Go to the "Store" section.
  • Find the Shortcut Kit priced at $0.
  • Click "Download."
  • Proceed through the Origin checkout flow to be granted your Shortcut Kit.

PC Owner (Battlefield 4 Premium Member)

  • Login to Battlelog.
  • Look in the "News" section for info on the Shortcut Giveaway.
  • Click on the "PREMIUM GIVEAWAY" button within the news story.
  • A success message will display in green at the top of Battlelog if successful.
  • You have now been granted the Shortcut Kit.

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