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Home theater deals of the week: 2.19.14


So you've splurged for that HDTV, and now it's time to outfit the rest of that home theater. You're in luck. Today's roundup of discounted tech offers both a pair of soundbar/subwoofer combos and two set-top boxes. Head on past the break to take a look at how you could improve the sights and sounds in your living room... while saving a few bucks, too.

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Price: $86
Regular Price: $140
Engadget Score: 74
Buy: Amazon

It's not priced far below the Roku 3, but the ASUS Cube does offer solid Google TV access that includes HBO Go, Netflix and Google Play's media offerings. There's also a capable trackpad and built-in voice search on the remote; however, you can use that trusty Nexus 7 or Android phone to take the reins, too.

Slingbox 350

Price: $148
Regular Price: $180
Engadget Global Score: 84
Buy: Amazon

Streaming shows from your home TV while on the go just got a bit cheaper. The Slingbox 350 offers HD viewing of broadcast programming and DVR content on mobile devices and computers while you're away. Now, a decent price cut makes opting in all the more tempting. Take a look at how the 350 compares with the pricier (and wedgier), WiFi-equipped Slingbox 500 using our Compare tool.

Pioneer SP-SB23W

Price: $299
Regular Price: $449
Buy: Amazon

Pioneer's first soundbar in well over a decade -- the SP-SB23W -- arrived last fall. So far, reviews are scarce, but those who have lent their ears note its respectable sound quality for the price. That tag sees a $150 discount here, so adding one (and it's accompanying sub) to your living room will save some coin. According to our Price History, the current going rate is a smidge above the 90-day low.

Philips Fidelio Premium HTL7180/F7

Price: $700
Regular Price: $800
Buy: Amazon

The Philips Fidelio Premium HTL7180/F7 packs detachable speakers and it's currently being offered with a $100 price cut -- wireless subwoofer included. The soundbar's stylish rounded exterior, dual HDMI jacks and Bluetooth chops helped earn some high marks. For the price though, other options (Sonos Playbar comes to mind) are just as tempting, but lack the added sub.

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