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OnLive creator's next project could put an end to cellular reception woes


Remember Steve Perlman? The serial entrepreneur has moved on from OnLive's messy transition and launched an enterprise called Artemis, with the lofty goal of fixing the cellular congestion plaguing modern carriers. Called pCell, it works by forcing frequencies that normally interfere and bog down a network to gang up for better reception, instead. Congestion could be thus relieved by adding more antennas, a strategy that doesn't work with current networks due to crosstalk. A demonstration to the New York Times showed Netflix HD and 4K videos streaming to at least a half dozen devices in the same room over a local LTE network, a feat the company said would be impossible on current networks. There's no word from any US carriers about any plans to adopt the tech, but Verizon did say that it was aware of it. In the meantime, Artemis said large scale tests will start in San Francisco later this year, with a commercial launch by the end of 2014. Check the video after the break for more.

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