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Producer explains Deep Down's dearth of female characters


A recent livestream of Capcom's upcoming dungeon crawl Deep Down revealed that the game features no playable female characters. Following the dismayed reaction of the Internet, Capcom issued a statement to Eurogamer from Deep Down producer Kazunori Sugiura.

"I was informed by a representative of one of our overseas branches that an article containing misleading information regarding Deep Down has been recently circulating and drawing some attention," wrote Sugiura. "This article makes the claim that the game has 12 playable characters, all of whom are male. As producer in charge of this project, I would like to respond and clarify."

"While the main character of Deep Down is indeed male, he is the only playable character in the game. The story focuses on him and a group of allies known as the Ravens."

"Although no announcement has been made regarding an overseas release of Deep Down, we are happy that the title is drawing attention in regions other than Japan," added Sugiura. "We hope to release more information soon."

Deep Down will make its Japanese PlayStation 4 debut at some point during 2014. As Sugiura mentioned, there is no word on a Western release.

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