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Browser RPG Therian Saga now in English open beta


Browser-based RPG Therian Saga is available now in English. Developed by Quebec-based studio Virtys, the game has been building an audience of 50,000 French-speaking players for about a year, but is ready to explore the English lands for vous.

"The focus of our open beta will be to gather as much final feedback from English-speaking players as we can to ensure a smooth and enjoyable launch, which is scheduled for the near future," said Therian Saga Lead Designer François Desrosiers.

We've slowly seen an interesting transition in the browser space with games like last year's Card Hunter. You can sign up now for the game at
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Virtys Studio Announces the Long-Awaited English Language Open Beta Release
of Popular French Role Playing Game

(Québec City, QC) - Virtys, the Québec-based independent game studio, today announced that their hit French PC role-playing game Fatecraft is now available via open beta to English speaking players and with a new name – Therian Saga! Adored by over 50,000 French-speaking players internationally since it first launched in the summer of 2013, Therian Saga is an "open world" style role playing game in which players explore the elaborate world of Myriaden, progress through a compelling storyline, navigate an entertaining and complex crafting system, while controlling their heroes' destiny and collaborating with a welcoming community of loyal players. Virtys encourages RPG fans and PC gamers to join the friendly community of beta testers to provide ongoing feedback and help to further the development of Therian Saga for English-speaking players. Players can access the open beta for free at

"We're extremely grateful for our existing, supportive community of French-speaking players," said Alexandre Maltais, General Manager of Virtys and Producer of Therian Saga. "Our new English-language version of the game will allow these existing players the opportunity to play the game with their English-speaking friends, but it also opens the doors for Virtys to connect with an even larger community in the United States and beyond!"

"The focus of our open beta will be to gather as much final feedback from English-speaking players as we can to ensure a smooth and enjoyable launch, which is scheduled for the near future," said François Desrosiers, Lead Designer for Therian Saga. "We're proud of our studio's commitment to involving players in our design process and this open beta helps to support that mission, while serving as a stepping stone in widening the reach of our game."

To celebrate Therian Saga's open beta launch, the Virtys team has compiled a developer diary style video that speaks more about the game and what players have to look forward to in the English language version. You can view that video on


· Asynchronous RPG with Multiple Heroes – Fully customizable heroes carry out the assigned actions whether you are online or not.
· Sophisticated Crafting System & Auction House – Players must collaborate with others to become a renowned artisan, specializing in any amount of the 20 available professions, to create new objects which can be kept or traded at the auction house.
· Explore a Vast and Beautiful World - As you explore the game's 24 regions, Therian Saga's elaborate story is revealed as you learn of the continent's history, discover unknown places and collect coveted materials.
· Multi-Player Collaboration and a Loyal Community – Therian Saga's guild system allows players to regroup in party, but it also unlocks new dimensions of the game. A positive synergy and mutually beneficial relationship exists between single, new players and advanced guild members.

The English beta client for is available to all players at no cost and can be downloaded at


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