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Watch Double Fine's Amnesia Fortnight game jam right here


Amnesia Fortnight, the annual two-week internal game jam at Double Fine, is fully underway. This year includes three game ideas from Double Fine developers and one pitched by Adventure Time scribe and Broken Age voice actor, Pendleton Ward.

In Dear Leader, players guide the development of a post-revolution country as its tyrannical leader. Mnemonic, a first-person noir adventure game, explores the fragmented memories of a man searching to find out who killed the woman he loved. Steed is an open-world action game set in medieval times and centered around a horse-for-hire stuck in a world full of inept heroes. Finally, Ward's Little Pink Best Buds is a game centered around little pink characters who all wish to be your best friend. Everyone can purchase and play the finished prototypes through the Humble Bundle store. Purchase also guarantees copies of 2012's prototypes, including space station management sim Spacebase DF-9.

Double Fine will be streaming portions of Amnesia Fortnight through Twitch, starting at 1:30pm ET (10:30am PT/6:30pm GMT) today. We've embedded the Twitch player past the break, so feel free to join us here to watch the festivities go down.

[Image: Double Fine]

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