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Killer Instinct patch to help fighters avoid Jail time


Spinal's introduction to the Killer Instinct roster hasn't been as smooth as Microsoft would've hoped. After adding the character and a new "Jail" feature, where players who habitually disconnect from online matches get paired up with similarly unstable brawlers, players started experiencing consistent game crashes. An upcoming patch from Double Helix hopes to mitigate these issues.

Double Helix says all Killer Instinct "Jail" stats will be wiped by the patch, and that the designated threshold for tossing a player in jail will be raised. Another bug where both players would be sent to "Jail," even when only one of them purposefully disconnected, will be squashed.

This patch will also fix Spinal's teleportation move, a major cause for the game crashes and de-synchronization that has plagued online matches recently. A bug preventing players from retaining progress will also be addressed and perfectly executing an Ultra Combo will soon guarantee a match win in Killer Instinct.

Double Helix hasn't said exactly when this patch will be available on Xbox One. Killer Instinct's next and final season one character, Fulgore, is due in March. Hopefully his addition doesn't yield as many issues as his boney post-launch counterpart.

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