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Patch 5.4.7 hotfixes for February 20

Anne Stickney

The first round of hotfixes for patch 5.4.7 have been released and posted to the official blog. The majority of the patch notes concern various bugs that have popped up since the release of the patch, most of which should now be resolved. While the Armory still appears to be a work in progress, players can rest at ease that their lost companions have apparently found their way home.
  • Battle pets and mounts that disappeared since the patch launch should be restored when you log in.
  • The Key to the Palace of Lei Shen should now be properly dropping from rare spawns and golden treasure chests on the Isle of Thunder.
  • An issue that allowed Death Knights to attack NPCs of their own faction if they did not complete Where Kings Walk or Warchief's Blessing has been resolved.
Read on for the full list of hotfixes.


February 20

Missing Battle Pets and Mounts

  • Battle Pets and mounts that went missing since the patch should be restored on login.


  • Death Knight
    • Resolved an issue where Death Knights that had not completed the starter quests Where Kings Walk or Warchief's Blessing were able to attack NPCs belonging to their own faction.


  • Resolved an issue where tracking for Honor Point awards on the first kill of rare spawns in Krasarang Wilds were not resetting correctly at the end of each day.


  • User Interface Add-Ons are now able to send and receive friend invites with a note over®.
    • Send event: BNSendFriendInvite(<BattleTag™/account name>,<optional note>)
    • Receive event to see the note text: BNGetFriendInviteInfoByAddon(<index>)

Isle of Thunder

  • Key to the Palace of Lei Shen should now have a chance to drop from rare spawns and golden treasure chests once more.

Bug Fixes

  • Resolved a crash that could occur if network connection is lost while loading into an area or instance.
  • Resolved an issue where the client was crashing while using certain User Interface Add-Ons.
  • Resolved an issue where the loading bar does not go away if the user cancels a cinematic being while it's being streamed.

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