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Steam Greenlight approvals include Arc Squadron, Dwarf Quest, A Wizard's Lizard


Steam Greenlight seems to have settled into a fortnightly routine for approvals, and that means it's time for another 50 games to frolic past the gates and into the heady lands of the Steam marketplace. We'll try to point you towards some of the highlights.

The Star Fox-like Arc Squadron is one of the most recognizable names on there, and the Unreal Engine 3 iOS and Android game is warping to PC now, courtesy of Greenlight. If you prefer your space combat with more Minecraft, the first-person multiplayer of Blockade Runner may be more for you.

Meanwhile, after arcade classic Ikaruga came through Greenlight to launch on Steam this week, the Japanese-styled Danmaku Unlimited 2 is another vertical shoot-em on the way.

Finally, moving away from the space shooter theme, challenging action-RPG A Wizard's Lizard is Steam-bound - and Wii U eShop-bound eventually - and we also like the look of loot-grabbing dungeon-crawler Dwarf Quest.

That's not to say the other 45 games aren't worthy of your perusal, more that it's hard to keep up when Greenlight is pumping 50 at a time every two weeks. Anyway, you can find the full 5-0 of Greenlight approvals here.
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