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Valve's 'Free to Play' is a documentary about pro-gaming's first million-dollar tourney (video)


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For many, words like "MOBA" and "Dota 2" might sound more like random collections of letters than a massively popular gaming genre and game, respectively. Valve, Dota 2's developer, wants to educate the masses by putting the game and a trio of its international players under the microscope in Free to Play. One might find Valve's efforts feel a tad self-serving when compared to, say, Indie Game: The Movie, but, based on the trailer, the documentary seems more like a look at the human side of professional gaming than it does an advertising puff piece. If checking the film out and sitting in on a Q-and-A session with its creators sounds like a good time, tickets to next month's San Francisco premiere are $25 through Eventbrite. Can't make it NorCal? The doc will be available for free on Steam, as well -- just like the game that inspired it.

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