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WoW Moviewatch: The Second Cataclysm!

Anne Stickney

Work Warning: There's some mild cursing in here, but nothing terribly crazy.

Nixxiom Machinima over on Youtube is known primarily for films that border on the absurdly bizarre -- they're weird as all get out, but they leave you laughing from the sheer weird flavor of it all. The Second Cataclysm is no exception to this, offering an odd little story of inexplicable ... well, you'll just have to watch it and see. An Azeroth-themed riff on an old Klay World cartoon titled Glass of Water, Second Cataclysm delivers all the absurdity of the original with Azeroth characters playing the parts. The soundtrack adds a nice touch, the film itself is well done, and the good-natured poking at Varian Wrynn, as well as an unexpected and brief Thrall cameo, were more than enough to keep me laughing.

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