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Anti-stealth game Nothing to Hide is open source, of course


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The protagonist in Nothing to Hide is an anxiety-ridden teenage girl, Poppy, whose father is a politician, and they live in a world obsessed with constant, encroaching surveillance. The browser demo begins with a private moment told as wall posts, with dad and daughter's every word and action posted for the world to see. Poppy, apparently, has had enough, and must sneak out of the house and across the city without alerting the government's numerous surveillance tools – she has to stay in sight of cameras and pretend to be casually happy at all times. One second out of range and she's shot down.

Nothing to Hide is for PC, Mac and Linux, and it's open source, meaning its code and art are in the public domain for anyone to mess around with (via Github). Developer Nicky Case says Nothing to Hide's premise and public domain distinction is inspired by our real-world issues with censorship, privacy and ridiculous copyright laws.

"First, it's a protest against our current copyright laws. As the law stands, it's horribly biased towards big companies – few indies can actually afford to go to court over a copyright infringement, while big companies can sue indies for using the word 'candy.'

"Second, I wouldn't have gotten started with games and programming if it weren't for open source. When I was 9, I found open source game files online, learned from them and modified them to make my own games. It gave me the confidence to delve further into programming and create more games of my own. Nothing To Hide is my gift back to the community. All its art and code is open for anyone to learn from and remix, and maybe one day, it will help another aspiring gamedev get their foothold."

Nothing to Hide is one week into a $40,000 independent crowdfunding campaign, and has so far raised $12,373. It uses a staggered payment system, where individual pledges are taken in 25 percent chunks over the course of four milestones: the campaign's success in March, an alpha version estimated to launch in June, a beta version in September and the full game in December. The crowdfunding campaign ends on March 12.

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