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Humble Weekly Sale gets adventurous with Jack Keane, Edna and Harvey


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Humble Bundle's latest Humble Weekly Sale is aimed squarely at fans of point-and-click adventure games, offering up a bounty of twelve genre favorites from The Adventure Company and Daedalic Entertainment.

All buyers receive downloadable copies of The Adventure Company's Dead Reefs, A Vampire's Tale, Safecracker, and Aura: Fate of the Ages. Pay more than $6 and you'll also get Dark Fall, Dark Fall 2, The Book of Unwritten Tales, The Critter Chronicles, and Jack Keane 2, along with Daedalic Entertainment's Deponia and Edna and Harvey.

Big-spenders may opt for the $15-and-above purchase tier, which includes all featured games and a bonus Deluxe Digital Edition copy of The Adventure Company's recently released The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief. This week's bundle offerings will remain available through February 27.

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