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Joystiq Tiny Streams: The Joystiq Titanfall beta massacre

Six Joystiq troopers went into the Titanfall PC beta on Tuesday, none came out. While these intrepid staffers did their very best to prevail, it was all for nought. Across all multiplayer modes offered in the early test version of Respawn Entertainment's upcoming shooter, Joystiq got thoroughly smoked.

On the bright side, it was marvelously entertaining to watch them get positively obliterated by the competition. As captured in this Joystiq Tiny Streams edit of their adventures, the moment things truly got ugly was when all six got trapped in an alley during the popular Last Titan Standing mode. It's like the opening of Gangs of New York but, you know, with giant robots.

If you enjoyed watching the Joystiq crew get taken to school, take note: Joystiq Tiny Streams appear every Monday and Friday at 4PM EST on Want to get in on the live action? Joystiq Streams broadcasts at 4PM EST every Tuesday and Thursday on the Joystiq Twitch channel. Our streams are chock full of developer commentary and schadenfreude.
[Image: Respawn Entertainment]

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