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ObsCure, ObsCure 2 coming to Steam in early March

Mighty Rocket Studio, the renamed Hydravision Entertainment that developed survival-horror games ObsCure and ObsCure 2, has announced plans to bring the series to Steam. Fresh trailers for both games have appeared on the studio's YouTube page, which supplement a tweet about their plans to offer the games in the "beginning of March."

The games begin by following a group of highschoolers as they search for a missing friend, which quickly turns into a fight to survive in a science-fiction horror setting. A spore-like substance causes people to mutate into monsters, supplying plenty of enemies for the protagonists. Nightmarish mutants follow the group into their college years in ObsCure 2, proving that even if you survive a terrible, movie-worthy disaster, your days are probably still numbered.

Platforms weren't specified in the announcement, but we won't have to wait too long before the games are released. The ObsCure series was also translated into a sidescrolling brawler last year called Final Exam, which was less about horror and more about blasting everything that moves into a bloody mess.
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