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WhatsApp experiencing global outage (update: service restored)


No, it's not just you. WhatsApp, the popular messaging service just bought by Facebook, has been down for about two hours. The company confirmed the outage via its Twitter account, and we've been receiving loads of emails from disgruntled users in India and the UK. WhatsApp neglected to say when service will be restored, though it did blame the problem on "server issues." So no, Facebook isn't the culprit here, but we'll chuckle politely anyway if you make that joke in the comments.

Update: Well, this is interesting: WhatsApp competitor Telegram is also down, apparently due to an "avalanche" of new users it picked up in the wake of the WhatsApp acquisition (or today's outage -- you be the judge). Frustrating day all around, eh?

Update #2: As of 5:48PM ET, WhatsApp service is fully restored.

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