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Bing search results now show key events in famous people's lives


Whether you use Bing or Google, you're surely used to that box on the right side of the screen -- you know, the one that gives you quick facts about whatever it is you're searching for, whether it be a celebrity, animal or your next vacation spot. In the case of Bing, that box is about to get a little more informative: Microsoft just launched a new feature called Timeline, which shows a list of major events in a famous person's life. So, if you search for Steve Ballmer, you'll see that he graduated college in 1977 and was named CEO of Microsoft in 2000. (You'll need to click "see more" to get to the part where he stepped down -- guy had a long career.) So far, Microsoft says it's generated timelines for about half a million famous people, and that more are being added all the time. Hopefully that includes new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella -- Bing gave us so little information we had to go all the way to Wikipedia for the full rundown.

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