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Community Blog Topic: How to make professions better


For this week's Community Blog Topic, we turn to Neuromante:

I'd like to throw in ideas about what to do with main professions: how to simplify them, make them more entertaining/profitable, less grindy, etc.

For starters, I'd love it if my scribe could summon a table and chair to actualy write glyphs, and my alchemist summon a mini-lab with bunsen burners and all.

One thing I really liked about Star Wars Galaxies was the crafting. I loved that you could go out and harvest mats and they would vary in quality. Therefore if you were diligent enough about gathering, you could craft items that were better than other people's. I'd like to see something similar in World of Warcraft.

The problem is that SWG had harvesters you could go and plant and set to gather while you were away. You would just have to go and empty them when they got full. There's no way that a setup like that will work in WoW. Too much would have to change.

But I think we may have an answer in the new Garrisons coming with Warlords of Draenor. Perhaps as part of the profession buildings you could refine your mats in order to randomly get higher quality ones. The quality you could refine to would change daily so that if you got something good from the RNG, you could refine a bunch of mats to make items with better stats on them than otherwise.

For example, you could treat the skins you got into higher quality leather. Or you could critical your extraction attempts on herbs for the day.

People would pay more for potions that could heal for more or crafted items that had slightly higher ilevels. Of course, the gear would have to be relevant instead of the current state of things where drops and heirlooms are almost always better than what you can craft.

How would you make professions better? Blog about it and leave a link in the comments below. Or, if you don't have a WoW-related blog, just respond in the comments. We'll spotlight some of the responses next week.

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