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ReSound LiNX launches "Made for iPhone" hearing aid


Thanks to a love of loud music, my father wears a hearing aid. For similar reasons, I'm probably going to eventually need a hearing aid. While hearing aid technology has improved every year since they were first introduced in 1898, hearing aids can still be incredibly uncomfortable to use with cell phones. Adjusting and readjusting volume when you switch from phone to in-person conversation and being forced to remove and store your hearing aid to listen to media via headphones are just a few of the issues users face. But the ReSound LiNX is aiming to change that.

ReSound LiNX is the world's first hearing aid made explicitly for iOS users. The compact system works as both a hearing aid and an audio streaming tool, opening previously impossible doors for hearing-impaired users. Using its streaming capabilities, ReSound wearers can have the audio from their iOS devices directly transmitted through their hearing aids.

With normal hearing aids audio is picked up through the phone speaker by the hearing aid microphone, which can create feedback or distorted audio. ReSound transfers the audio directly through from your iOS device to your LiNX hearing aid, similar to a Bluetooth headset. The hearing aids can also stream music, podcasts, turn by turn driving directions, and other audio directly from your phone or Apple TV. Of course streaming via LiNX has other benefits.

One of the common issues hearing aid wearers can face is sound levels that suddenly shift. Different rooms carry sound in different ways, leaving the hearing-impaired to either change hearing aid volume on the fly or settle for muddy sound. LiNX fixes this issue via its ReSound Smart app for customizing sound levels, down to how just how much treble or bass you experience. You can have presets for restaurants, concerts, your car, or anywhere else your heart desires. The simple touch controls are ideal for users who may be new to smartphones.

ReSound is making some very big, and very exciting, promises with the LiNX. If you've ever watched loved ones struggle with the frustrations of modern hearing aids, the idea of LiNX is incredibly exciting. Currently no announcements have been made regarding pricing or availability. Head over the ReSound LiNX website to sign up to receive email updates as they become available.

You can watch an educational video for the product below.

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