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Titanfall beta ropes in 2 million unique players


The Titanfall beta on Xbox One and PC last week attracted 2 million unique players, Respawn Community Manager Abbie Heppe told Polygon.

Engineer Jon Shiring said in the same interview that Titanfall is completely reliant on the new Xbox Live Compute platform, Microsoft's cloud and scalability service: "If it's down, nobody can play." Titanfall did go dark for seven hours during the beta, as the team attempted to scale up the game for more players. Shiring called that one "human error."

"People need to understand that when you write a whole bunch of new code, there's bugs in it," he said. "We have to find those bugs. That was the goal of the beta. We know it's not going to work right. We don't want to find out on launch day. Let's find out now. We found probably 10 real things that we worked on and fixed. That's 10 things we don't have to find on launch day. We still might find some new things on launch day, but at least those ones are not there anymore."

We tried our best to master mech mechanics in the Titanfall beta last week, live and on-air, and our most memorable moments are saved for all eternity in this Joystiq Tiny Stream.
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