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Build a space base, weapons out of the Eiffel Tower in Habitat


One man's space trash is another man's space station in Habitat, a PC, Mac and Linux game that takes place in the cluttered arena of Earth's orbit, far in humanity's future. Players must use the junk floating around Earth – both manmade and alien – to manufacture a space base and manage its citizens. It's a strategy game with defense elements, since any piece of trash can be used to create kinetic weapons and fight off invading enemies.

Any trash – including the Eiffel Tower and Statue of Liberty, apparently.

Habitat comes from 4gency, an indie studio founded by Charles Cox, former senior program manager of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group at Microsoft, where he helped launch the Xbox One. In his resignation letter penned in September, Cox offered the following reason for his departure:

"There is no question in my mind that the adventure we have been on with Xbox One has been the greatest, most challenging of my career so far, and yet, a dream, nurtured since childhood, looms ever larger ahead of me, demanding I take action: to dive in as full-time founder of my own independent game studio. The time is right, the plan is set, and in true indie fashion, the passion is unstoppable. The parachute, of course, is nonexistent, but those things are overrated."

Habitat will be playable at GDC 2014 from March 19 - 21, at GDC Play booth #100 in the North Hall. 4gency plans to launch a Kickstarter in April to fund development of Habitat.

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