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Disney launches new streaming video app, offers a free movie download as bait


Disney movies have a pretty massive presence on iTunes already, but rather than let Apple manage all its live action and animated offerings, the storied company has decided to launch a movie app of its very own. Called Disney Movies Anywhere, the app is now available for download via the App Store.

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Disney Movies Anywhere will serve as your one-stop shop for all Disney video content on iOS, offering access to all 400+ digital Disney titles which are available on iTunes. The app syncs with your iTunes account to import all existing Disney titles to the Disney Movies Anywhere library, and movies can be watches simultaneously on multiple devices.

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The idea here is that you'll choose Disney's new app as your go-to for Disney, Pixar, and Marvel flicks, thanks to bonus content like behind-the-scenes features and other extras you can't find anywhere else. The app also features a built-in rewards system where points are amassed for purchasing digital content and can then be spent on Disney toys, gift cards, and physical copies of Disney movies.

If you download the app right now and sync it to your iTunes account you'll be rewarded with a free digital copy of The Incredibles, assuming you don't already own it on one of your iDevices.

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