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GameStop UK pitches Titanfall Xbox One bundle at £370


GameStop's UK branch is selling the newly announced Titanfall Xbox One bundle at £370 (around $617), some £30 less than the suggested £400 tag ($667). In effect, GameStop is doubling the difference of Microsoft's suggested price drop - the company launched the console at £430 in the UK.

GameStop has precedence here; it's also been selling the PS4 at £330, which is £20 less than the system's recommended price in the UK. Other major retailers like Amazon, GAME, Zavvi, and ShopTo are selling the Titanfall bundle at the suggested £400.

The Titanfall bundle hits the UK alongside Respawn's shooter on March 14. North America boards the meteor-like mechs a few days earlier on March 11, but the Xbox One price drop remains limited to the sovereign isle, where it'll go into effect on Friday, February 28.
[Image: Microsoft]

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