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Grovemade's hardwood cases and more accessory news for the week


Several times a week, TUAW brings you a synopsis of the latest news in the Apple accessory and peripheral world. It's the contents of my email inbox in an easily digestible format!

  • Grovemade has been making beautiful bamboo cases and stands for iOS devices for a few years, and now -- concurrent with the launch of a new website -- is announcing unique walnut and maple (above) iPhone and iPad cases and iPhone docks. The cases and docks are handcrafted and take several days to complete. The walnut and maple iPhone cases sell for US$99, the walnut case for iPad Air retails at $129, a similar case for iPad mini is priced at $109, and the dock with a walnut or maple case covering a steel base is $99.
  • The new Mac Pro is small enough to be somewhat portable, but when you're carrying it between worksites with multiple 4K displays, you want to keep that sleek little canister pristine. The Flight Case Company has developed a Mac Pro carry bag that is padded and reinforced, and includes a shoulder strap for easy transport. £95 including VAT.
  • You don't have enough color in your life, so Neptor has come out with the NP056K Dual Port Portable Battery Charger ($49.99). You'll be able to pick up one of these portable chargers at Staples, Amazon, or Newegg in blue, red, purple, orange or green, complete with a color-matched cable and lanyard.
  • Here's one that would have been handy for pumping out Al Green tunes while romancing your significant other on Valentine's Day. The Digital Treasures Lyrix SoundGlow is a Bluetooth speaker that also has one of those LED faux candles embedded in it. Al Green + candlelight = getting lucky. $49.95, and you can get it in time for next Valentine's Day.
  • So, that 4 TB drive isn't big enough for your backups? No problem -- LaCie is shipping the industry's first 5 TB external hard drive. From a single drive 5 TB d2 Thunderbolt drive ($449.99) to the 25 TB 5big Thunderbolt RAID solution ($2499.99), you're going to have a lot more storage in the same amount of space.
  • And last but definitely not least, Pad & Quill has set up a deal for TUAW readers. Enter in coupon code TUAW77 when checking out, and you'll get 10 percent off of any order, including their beautiful new leather bags.

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