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Killer Instinct soundtrack coming in March, composer reveals


Following in the bloody, contused footprints of its predecessors, the recent Killer Instinct reboot will be receiving its own soundtrack album, yet again dubbed Killer Cuts, this March.

Composer Mick Gordon broke the news during a recent Killer Instinct stream hosted by YouTube personality Maximilian. "Killer Cuts: around the end of March dudes!" Gordon wrote, adding "You heard it here first!" Killer Instinct fans then sought out Gordon on Twitter to ask for confirmation of his earlier claims which Gordon met with a simple, "yes." Later Gordon issued a tweet asking fans for suggestions on what tunes to include on this latest edition of Killer Cuts.

Gordon has offered no further details on the soundtrack album, leaving fans to wonder about its price and how the music will be released. The original Killer Instinct and its sequel saw their Killer Cuts pressed to standard audio CDs, but that was before .mp3s and digital distribution made physical media a moribund concept.

Update: Microsoft has contacted us to offer an official comment: "The soundtrack for Killer Instinct is something that we would love to bring to our fans. While we are not confirming when this would be available at this time, we can say that it is something we want to offer in the future. Stay tuned for more news and more Fulgore."
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