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Samsung NX mini leak hints at a very thin and tiny mirrorless camera


Samsung's mirrorless cameras have so far been on the large side due to their DSLR-sized sensors, but the company may be ready to go small... very small. NXRumors claims to have leaked imagery for the NX mini, a tiny shooter that would use a 1-inch, 20-megapixel sensor like that in Sony's RX100 Mark II. The technology shift would lead to a body under 1.4 inches thick, and removable lenses that are borderline cute; the initial lineup would include both a 9mm fixed distance lens and a 9-27mm standard zoom. Despite the compact frame, there would be room for a 3-inch flip-up LCD, a built-in flash and the horsepower to shoot at a continuous 22 frames per second. Rumors have the NX mini launching within a month's time. Pricing is still up in the air, although the sensor choice suggests that the mini would be at the low end of Samsung's camera spectrum.

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