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'Xbox, Share Twitch Details'


This morning's announcement of Twitch integration for Xbox One had us quickly getting Twitch's Matthew DiPietro, VP of Marketing, fielding our questions.

Highlights of the Xbox One's Twitch integration include the "Xbox, broadcast" voice command and the ability to archive streams for later viewing. Sony had no updates to share about the ability to archive streams on PS4 when we followed up with the company this morning.

Twitch on Xbox One also allows picture-in-picture in any corner of the screen, and friends are notified when a broadcast begins. Xbox One broadcasts also allow a viewer to send a friend request, party request and join the game.

The console also supports the most lines of chat on a console, use of emoticons and name colors. Our quick and dirty Q&A with DiPietro can be found after the break.

Joystiq: Will there be archiving for Xbox One streams? And while we're here, any update on that for PS4?
DiPietro: Yes, there will be archiving on Xbox One, but you will need to check with Sony regarding PS4.

Update: We've asked Sony. Officially they're telling us: "There's no comment/statement from Sony on this."

Q. Will there be a one-button to stream to Twitch integration?
DiPietro: All you need to do is say "Xbox, broadcast" since they offer the voice equivalent to the Share button.

Q. What sets this apart from PS4 twitch?
DiPietro: There are an array of differences which you will see outlined on the Official Twitch Blog and Xbox Wire.

Q. Can you use the snap features of Xbox One to snap the Twitch chat from your stream to one side of the screen?
DiPietro: You can broadcast and chat at the same time; when you use chat with snap mode your chat will appear on the right side of your screen. You can also remove the chat bar and have the game in full screen.

Q. Any features above and beyond? Kinect integration?
DiPietro: All the features we are speaking to are listed on our blog post and Xbox Wire.

Q. Will it be locked to Xbox Live Gold subscribers?
DiPietro: Yes.

Q. Will we be able to stream consoles attached to the Xbox One via its HDMI in?
DiPietro: That's a question for Microsoft.

Update: Microsoft tells Engadget negatory.

Q. Anything you'd like to add about Twitch on Xbox One that I wouldn't know to ask?
DiPietro: We are ecstatic to finally bring Twitch broadcasting to Xbox One owners. By far and away this has been the most requested product since the launch of the next-gen console generation.

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