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Around Azeroth: Serenity now, insanity later


Why do warlocks always get the best tier sets? First they got the Felheart Raiment, probably the coolest of all the Tier 1 sets (admittedly not a hard contest to win, but still.) Then they managed to score the Malefic Raiment from Illidan, AKA The Awesome One With Wings. And sure, the later tier sets aren't necessarily quite as good as the earlier ones, but at least warlocks got to dress up like the Black Mage from the original Final Fantasy. Now, Rukha of Bloody Oath on Caelestrasz (US-H) has made her female orc more gorgeous than any blood elf, posing atop the Peak of Serenity with her legendary cloak, the Regalia of the Horned Nightmare, and a tiny bit of Photoshop.

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