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DC's Infinite Crisis begins battle in beta this March

Xav de Matos, @Xav

Infinite Crisis, developer Turbine's take on the multiplayer online battle arena genre featuring heroes and villains from the DC Universe, will launch its open beta on March 14. Turbine announced the upcoming PC title's open beta start date at an event yesterday, alongside reveals of three new characters: Green Arrow, Aquaman and Mecha Superman.

Infinite Crisis is a free-to-play MOBA game, a genre that has exploded in the last few years with titles such as Riot's League of Legends and Valve's Dota 2.

In the last ten to eleven months of development, Infinite Crisis content has drastically increased in size, Executive Producer Jeffrey Steefel claims. "We now have three maps, three modes, a huge amount of different ways you can play the game. Twenty-seven characters and, in fact, we are adding a new character every three weeks." Steefel also outlined a plan to launch new costumes for existing characters every week.

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Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's publicity push for the game will include action figures inspired by original designs featured in the games and a free, weekly digital comic that will eventually be compiled into a physical trade publication.

Infinite Crisis represents the first MOBA game from Turbine Inc., a studio best known for its work in the MMO space with games such as The Lord of the Rings Online. Earlier this month, Turbine was hit by a wave of layoffs that a Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment representative referred to as "part of our normal business process."

"We're routinely looking at the strategic alignment of our company," the unnamed rep told Joystiq sister site Massively earlier this month. "Unfortunately, in order for us to invest in growth areas at Turbine, we have to eliminate some positions."

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