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DODOcase Midnight Durables, StopKnot, a case survives 82 days in water, and more accessory news


Several times a week, TUAW brings you a synopsis of the latest news in the Apple accessory and peripheral world. It's the contents of my email inbox in an easily digestible format!

  • DODOcase has gone with classic black in their DODOcase Durables line of device sleeves and wallets. The new Midnight and Tan Durables use a black waxed canvas exterior with black leather accents for a sleek exterior, with a tan cotton twill interior. They're available for iPhone, iPad, iPad mini and MacBook.
  • How often do you find yourself spending ten minutes or more getting the knots out of your earbud cables? RadTech feels your pain, and they've created a flexible band called StopKnot (4 for US$9.99) that secures your earbuds and audio jack together when stowing them, keeping everything from tangling. Check out the video below for an idea of how it works.

  • Optrix sent us a fascinating story. Sea kayaker Dave McGregor was using one of their waterproof iPhone cases when the iPhone mount in his kayak broke, sending his phone into the sea... 82 days later, someone walking on the beach about 400 meters away found the phone. The iPhone remained dry the entire time and is still working. And there's video for this one, too!

  • Do you like those acrylic iPad mounts that are scattered throughout Apple Stores, showing off the details of the products located near them? NewPCGadgets has announced iPad Air Acrylic Mounts that look similar to the custom Apple Store mounts, except with special stainless steel brackets to hold the iPad in place. They're available in both countertop and wall mount varieties starting at $79.95.
  • And if you happen to have a hankering for any one of Pad & Quill's amazing products, they're making all of their products available to TUAW readers for 10 percent off. Just use coupon code TUAW77 when you're checking out, and you'll get 10 percent lopped off of your bill. That includes their cool new leather bags, by the way...

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