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Picturesque platformer Teslagrad lights up PS Vita this summer


Though its name may conjure up some scenario where you help guide Nikola Tesla through the social pitfalls of high school, Teslagrad is a non-linear 2D puzzle platformer where players must explore the abandoned Tesla Tower in a steampunk-inspired alternate reality vision of old Europe. Teslagrad's plot revolves around a young boy and totalitarian king who rules over his nation with no mercy, not an inventor portrayed by David Bowie on film. We just didn't want you to be disappointed when Teslagrad launches on PS Vita this summer.

The only place to grab Teslagrad currently is on Steam. The game, available for PC, Mac and Linux, was cleared through Steam Greenlight last summer and made its debut on Valve's digital distribution platform in December. Developer Rain Games is already working on a PS3 port.
[Image: Rain Games]

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