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PSA: Shadowrun: Dragonfall arrives today


Better late than never, developer Harebrained Schemes has released the Dragonfall expansion for Shadowrun Returns, bringing the cyberpunk roleplaying game from the dark streets of cyberpunk Seattle to the likewise gloomy streets of cyberpunk Berlin.

Along with the new setting comes a new plot, focusing on the titular "Dragonfall," a prophecy that heralds apocalyptic destruction if a certain dragon decides to cause trouble for humanity. Unlike the original Shadowrun Returns campaign, Dragonfall is said to be far less linear, with a hub supporting a variety of missions that players can attempt at their leisure. Dragonfall also adds new weapons, items and character portraits to the game, alongside new content for the Shadowrun Returns editor. Most crucially, this expansion finally gives players the ability to save their progress at any time.

Dragonfall is currently available on Steam for $15. It requires players to already own a copy of Shadowrun Returns, but that can also be found on Steam for $20.
[Image: Harebrained Schemes]

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